What We Believe:

Philosophy: We believe the education & service industries are being upended by more relevant digital & tech-enabled competitors. These new entrants fragment the industry (just as media has been fragmented into niched interest channels).

In the digital economy, niche experts can provide outsized value to students at a fraction of the price compared to their outdated predecessors. To capitalize on this, we seek out niche experts who teach high value skills and/or new business types/models that exist in the digital economy. The best will win. A single teacher on “how to run a plumbing business” can outcompete every other education source and take the lionshare of the market. We believe, bets made on these businesses, will yield outsized returns.

Who We Seek:

Entrepreneurs: We seek out entrepreneurs of unimpeachable character, who are long term minded, risk averse, and who provide value in excess to their respective marketplaces through superior intellect , domain experience, and work ethic.

Business Qualifications:

1) Enterprises with gross revenues $3,000,000 - $50,000,000 per year.

2) 85% or higher gross margins (or potential to achieve this)

3) Existing acquisition channels

Types of Businesses:

1) Service Based Internet Businesses

2) Chain of Brick & Mortar Service-Based Businesses

3) E-learning, Digital, Education, Consulting Businesses

What We Help Them Do:

How we know we are successful:

1) Company triples profit (or more) in 3 years

2) Company's monthly cash flow improves, month over month, with the founders taking increasingly larger distributions

3) Founder has stable of executives to help them execute their vision without their daily involvement

4) Company transforms from "big small business" into a "sellable enterprise"

5) The founder creates personal wealth that no longer requires them to work for the rest of their lives.

How We Do It:

Capital: We invest "smart money" into these businesses in exchange for minority stakes in the companies. The "money", being ear-marked for marketing & recruitment costs to scale the business's ability to acquire customers across more channels, and do so more profitably with improved monetization & customer experience.

Intellectual Capital: The "smart" being as follows:

1) High-level strategic plan

2) Leveling up talent through training, recruiting, and cultural processes.

3) Stable of trusted vendors: tax planning, investments, banking, legal, entity structure,.

4) Professionalization of the business to make it sale-ready in 3-5 years.

5) Introduction to high level growth partners to scale business by orders of magnitude

6) Full CRM integration to track client journey & increase LTV

Fractional C-Suite: The biggest deficit most businesses of this size suffer from is a lack of talent. We "copy-paste" our own C-suite into the business to duplicate our talent/expertise, rather than try and put more on the founder(s) plate. The new "c-suite" focuses on:

1) Acquisition

2) Monetization

3) Customer Success: Product, User experience, Engineering (if needed), Client Health Score, Creation of Activation Points & Leading Indicators

4) Shared Services: IT, Finance, HR, Legal

5) Recruiting: Heavy assistance in crafting needed roles, interviewing and onboarding of key positions


1) In-Depth "Decade in a Day" Strategic Plan

2) Quarterly Strategic Planning with Leadership for adjustment, prioritization, and 12 week sprints to accomplish strategic vision.

3) Day to Day access to our C-suite

4) Introduction to our network

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